ZinkID was formed as a manifestation of our creative expression. Over the past seven years, we have journeyed through a varied landscape – endeavouring to provide creative solutions for communication problems. Be it devising ideas for strategy, designing coffee table books or wading in waist deep rivers for that elusive photograph – we have done it all.

We pride ourselves for the efforts we make to ensure that what we do – we do beyond expectations. Our belief in finding functional solutions for impact leads us off in directions far beyond the narrow beaten path. We engage with projects that challenge us – that make us work hard – that push us far beyond our ‘comfort zone’ – and we love every moment of it.

We strongly feel that it is this perseverance of effort that ensures our clients become our partners and friends – and why many of them have worked with us on multiple projects over the past several years.



ZinkID was founded in early 2008 and continues to be led by Anubhav Das. With nearly 20 years of experience, Anubhav brings together adaptive learnings assimilated across diverse industries and roles. From leading marketing and sales functions to delivering operations solutions; from managing administrative responsibilities to documenting social change in communities; from ideating strategy interventions to designing and delivering innovative communications solutions, Anubhav has done it all. As varied as the roles, are the industry verticals Anubhav has worked with – education, adventure learning, stock image banks, food & hospitality, not-for-profit, media and new media, financial services organisations, and real estate.

An alumnus of the International Center of Photography in New York and an Economics graduate from Delhi University, Anubhav is a published photographer and author.


ZinkID I Synthesising visual identities.

Zinc[k] + Identity[ID]

Zinc is a trace element found in every cell of the human body. It acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of proteins – the building block for the release of energy – that provides for the functioning and growth. We believe that we act as catalysts for organisation’s identity – enriching performance through our interventions. And hence, we call ourselves – ZinkID.



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The Essentially India Collection: A photography.art concept portfolio of fine art photography showcasing the wonder we see in India and beyond – in all its hues and glory. The collection brings together myriad perspectives of India in a contemporary style and seeks modern day interpretations to photography and art. It is our dialogue with our world – the subject, the artist and the viewer. The studio is located in Shahpurjat – a hub for creatives in New Delhi.

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The Tribal Fund for Documentation and Conservation (TTF): Founded in 2012, TTF is seeking to create value in tribal cultures. “There is a belief that only that will be preserved, which is valued.” And inherent to creation of value – is awareness.

TTF has been established on the belief that if we can create awareness with mainstream society of the uniqueness of tribal traditions and cultures; society will learn to value them. Understanding and appreciation of the value will inherently lead to a need for preservation and conservation.

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Annada Shankar Das Memorial Foundation (Annada Foundation): Annada Foundation was set up in the memory of Late. Annada Shankar Das in 1986 with a view to continue the values and ethics espoused by him in his lifetime.

The Foundation encourages innovative thinking and undertakes development activities for empowerment and care of all sections of the society. Various skill upgradation trainings and other such welfare programs to promote social justice & equity forms the core of Foundation’s activities.